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Payper Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising

Paid search promotions are a fool-proof way to place your business at the top of search engine rankings. Pay-per-click, pay-for-performance, cost-per-action, and other paid searches or promotions are paid, online advertising techniques that are included in the search results, or appear on the search results page. PPC campaigns have become an extremely successful advertising method that results in a greater return on investment. Additionally, this type of advertising is targeted to specific audiences interested only in your type of products or services.

Although paid search campaigns are ideal for driving traffic, increasing online sales, developing brand awareness and increasing market visibility, they are typically designed for those with greater financial resources. An average PPC campaign would require a minimum of between $1,000 and $5,000 monthly. Although less expensive campaigns can be developed, they are usually less effective and not recommended. (For those with budget limitations, VirusInc recommends “natural” search engine optimisation as an alternative.)

Search Engine Marketing

VirusInc’s Paid Search Promotions have a one-time implementation fee to perform the research and develop a strategy for each campaign. This fee includes the following:

Keyword and Key Phrase Research

A crucial element for successfully targeting an audience for maximum saturation with minimum expense is choosing the perfect keywords and key phrases. Since there is a fixed cost for each visitor that clicks on a link to your site (there is no cost for “natural” search engine click-throughs), it is imperative that the proper research has been done in order to determine the “perfect” keywords and key phrases for your products and services. And, since PPC campaigns target a broader range of words and phrases, VirusInc analyses extensive search result history in order to select the best keywords and key phrases for your site’s products or services.

Bid Strategy

Bid strategy is another key factor to consider when planning your campaign's success. If, for example, your site offered gourmet hot chilli sauces, you would most probably avoid using the key phrase “gourmet foods.” Although your site might be overwhelmed with hits, they’d probably come from shoppers looking for anything from Bavarian Chocolate to Beluga Caviar. The end result is a tremendous amount of hits, few or no sales, and a big expense for click-throughs that never resulted in sales. VirusInc does the research and selects the right keywords and phrases to build traffic and sales. Our key phrase for this strategy is “more bang for the buck.”

Competitor Analysis

It has been said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Similarly, the best way to build a successful business is to study the methods and practices of other successful businesses, and imitate them. VirusInc studies what your competitors are doing. While analysing their techniques and strategies, we are able to gather “bid data” - the maximum and minimum bids for key target terms. We see what is – and what is not successful for your competition. We also look for hidden opportunities or gaps in the market place where ads can be product or service specific, yet cost effective. We imitate what they’ve done, and then we do it better.

Online Market Analysis

By combining in-depth market research with our own analysis techniques, VirusInc is able to determine the best strategy for each client’s specific needs. By understanding your methods and philosophies and then comparing them to your competitors’, we are able to capitalize on your market strengths while eliminating any weaknesses. The result is the ideal target market for your campaign.

Search Engine Network Placement

Many paid search advertising networks are available – some are better suited to your needs than others. VirusInc does tiresome research to select the ones that are the most appropriate for your target market, your campaign, and your budget

Promotional Ad Copywriting

PPC ads are small but immensely powerful tools. In order to be successful, ads must contain just a few words, but say a lot. Since paid search campaigns are so competitive, your ad must stand out in small spaces. Our experienced copywriters and editors know exactly how to make your ads stand out from the rest.

Target Pages

VirusInc designs and creates individual pages corresponding to each PPC ad. This accommodates the monitoring of in-coming traffic to determine which ads are the most successful. Traffic statistics are then compared to ad impressions (how many times the ad is viewed) across the ad network.

Ad Adjustment

After monitoring ad performance over a specific time period, the top performing ads are used to replace those that are sub-par. Some ads may be rewritten or “tweaked” by changing a word or simple phrase, transforming the ad’s status from a “zero” to “hero.”

Campaign Management

Once your campaign is launched, our search promotion specialists scrutinize its performance in order to maximize the return on your investment. On-going efforts include:

  • Account Monitoring
  • Analysis and Reporting
  • Click Fraud Monitoring
  • ROI Assessment
  • Scheduled Reporting
  • Campaign Adjustments

Long term monitoring, reporting and campaign maintenance is billed based on an agreed percentage of the total ad campaign costs. Additional services such as supplementary campaign development, new products or services, or customized reporting and analysis are billed separately. In some cases, customized campaign elements including the creation of a landing page or other advanced strategies to track or capture in-coming traffic may be necessary. VirusInc will provide pricing for these customized elements based upon individual campaign strategies.