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About Virus Inc.

VirusInc About Us Virus Inc is the fast, easy, economic and a risk-free way to go from concept to live! Serving the Sri Lankan business world from  Kandy, Sri Lanka

Serving the business world from Kandy, Sri Lanka, Virus Inc is recognized as a premier source for best-in-class website design, website marketing, ecommerce website design , database application development and software development solutions.

Drawing upon our team of web consultants, creative designers, writers and programmers, enables us to assemble the experts you need to drive both online and offline results.

Our business-driven approach sets us apart from from typical point-and-shoot web design/software consultancy companies.

It's easy to leverage our solid reputation for creating positive brand image across a wide range of markets. If you are serious about creating a world-class web presence, we're your best logical choice.