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Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity

Logo Design Virus Inc offers business and corporate identity packages to satisfy the needs of most businesses, whether web-based, "brick and mortar", or a combination of both.

Establishing your corporate identity is not something for the faint of heart. Determining the right message, the best colour schemes, and the best presentation of your products or services, can be traumatizing and exasperating at best.

You know your business, your employees, your long term goals, and you also know your limitations. You have specific talents and you offer specialized services or products. Does this give you the expertise to create and develop your own corporate identity or brand? Unfortunately, it does not. Anyone can purchase ingredients from a list of groceries at the local market. Does that mean anyone can create a seven course gourmet dinner from that same list? Unless you happen to be a gourmet chef, the answer is no.

Our qualified, skilled and experienced team of experts knows exactly what it takes to mold the ingredients of your company’s capabilities and expertise into an identity and brand that will portray your company as an elite member of the “cream of the crop.”

How do we develop your Corporate Identity?

Corporate Identity

Beginning with a custom designed logo, Virus Inc will develop a brand look and feel that will flow seamlessly from invoices and statements to stationery, business cards, catalogues, brochures, email marketing newsletters, advertising, trade show booths and displays, and your web site. We consult with each client to determine a general creative direction for their business and to understand their goals and motivations. We then “build” a brand that stands for something and clearly communicates that message. Once your image is conceived, it becomes your own, highly recognizable identity for the lifetime of your company.

Many underestimate the importance of developing a brand or corporate identity and fail to make the commitment that will guarantee future success. Make the best first impression with a quality, attention-grabbing identity created by Virus Inc.