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Email newsletter design

Email Newsletter Marketing

You’ve “wowed” the site’s visitors through content and presentation, and now you need to ensure that they return frequently.

Now that your web site has gone live with a newly designed logo and integrated corporate identity, it’s time to focus on increasing traffic to your site – especially return traffic.

How it works

Email newsletter campaign

The majority of web site traffic is generated through email marketing campaigns. Visitors to your site may not have purchased products or services on the first visit, but enjoyed the experience and are still interested in what it is that you offer. By providing them with the opportunity to sign up for a weekly or bi-monthly newsletter, you keep your products or services in the forefront of their minds. Each time they receive a newsletter, they are more likely to re-visit your site and the probability of a sale increases. What’s more, if they feel that a friend or co-worker may be interested in your products or services, they may forward your newsletter encouraging them to visit your site. Over time, the process snowballs and you have succeeded in building perpetual online traffic.

Email Newsletter Design

Newsletter Design

Email newsletters are a great tool for creating customer loyalty, identifying you or your company as a leader in your field, and increasing brand awareness. VirusInc’s talented and experienced staff will integrate your logo and corporate identity into an intuitive, highly sophisticated and interactive marketing vehicle. Your web site’s colour schemes and general “look and feel” will transfer seamlessly to your newsletters giving the recipient the feeling that they are connected directly to your site. Links distributed throughout the newsletter will immediately take the reader to targeted sections of your web site making it easy for them to shop any time of the day, whenever the mood strikes.

Already Publish A Newsletter?

Newsletter Distribution

VirusInc’s skilled technical specialists can easily convert an existing newsletter’s layout and content into an HTML formatted newsletter, email newsletter or PDF (Portable Digital Format) file easily read with Adobe© Reader to accommodate cross-platform distribution.

Reusable Newsletter Templates

Newsletter Template

Publishing regularly scheduled newsletters can be a time consuming undertaking for the busy business owner or executive. You’d like to email a newsletter at least twice a month but just don’t have the time or resources to deal with layout and graphics along with writing the content. VirusInc can help. Our team of specialists can easily design a customized newsletter template that can be used as often as needed. You simply ad the content and pictures and in minutes your newsletter is ready to email. You won’t need to worry about the design or technical aspects so you can devote more time to making your business more successful!

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