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Website Design Pricing

Website Design Pricing

free website design You got a fantastic deal on a “customized” web site, but now that you own it, you find that it looks like everyone else’s - including your competition…

We take the time to understand your business, your goals and your ideas and then offer you compelling, cost-efficient web solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.

You only spent a short time consulting with designers and technicians because they knew exactly what you wanted. Now visitors to your web site can’t navigate through all the “stuff” you didn’t want…

You gave the developer all the content for your web site and they uploaded it just the way you gave it to them. Now that you’ve paid for your site, they want even more money to fix all the spelling and grammar mistakes…

After taking a leap of faith and deciding it was time to establish a web presence for your business, these are not the kinds of things dreams are made of. These are nightmares.

Each of these dreadful scenarios is typical of the results achieved with pre-priced, cookie-cutter web packages utilized by cut rate web developers. They may “customize” your site by letting you select color schemes or supplying your own content, but in the end, all of their sites look the same and usually don’t work right. And, when you need help or technical support, they’re gone.

cheap website pricing

Virus Inc builds every web site from the ground up. We don’t use web templates and we don’t fix prices. We take the time to understand your business, your goals and your ideas and then offer you compelling, cost-efficient web development solutions that are tailored to your specific needs. Whether your website will become part of an integrated marketing strategy, or a simple marketing tool to help you to gain a higher level of success, Virus Inc builds it from scratch – no shortcuts – no bait and switch tactics – no kidding.

Virus Inc is a premium web solutions company. We’re proud to offer our clients only the highest quality product that is fully compliant with strict industry standards. We provide competent and scalable web solutions designed for small entrepreneurial businesses as well as large global conglomerates. Our versatility and expertise includes website design, database application development, software development, Copywriting, email marketing and much more.

More importantly, our highest priorities are your satisfaction and your bottom line. Our New Media solutions are designed to achieve the biggest return on your investment. Our web sites look great, and they work the way you envisioned. That translates into profits.

Design, Content and Marketing - DCM - are Virus Inc.’s core values.

Client satisfaction and achieving the greatest possible return on investment are our goals. Please use the following form to get a customized quotation for your website

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