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Website Design Process

Website Design Process

Website Design Process

Initial Consultation

Once you’ve made the decision to move forward with a web presence, the next step is to formalize a concept and determine the right direction for your website design. VirusInc’s dedicated team of experts are prepared to work with you to develop the best “blueprint” for your site.

Whether your web site will generate leads, offer information, provide client access and interaction, sell products and services, or all of the above, we will recommend the best, cost-efficient solution for all of your needs.Once the conceptualization process has been completed, VirusInc will submit a formal project proposal that will outline the step by step process of the design, development and implementation of your personalized web project including any available options, timelines for completion, and pricing. Once our proposal is accepted by you, detailed project specifications are drawn up and a development agreement stipulating production timelines, project cost and a payment schedule is signed by both parties.

Design Development

Website development

Should your site be conservative and business like, or frivolous and whimsical? Should it look formal and professional, or should it look warm, casual and inviting? Should it appear bold with bright colours and vivid graphics or soft and cool with clean lines and muted colours?

Our designers will strive to understand your business objectives and help you to select the perfect colour schemes and the ideal “look and feel” for your web site. Once basic site design “mock-ups” have been presented to you and approved (you will be provided with links enabling you to view your site design online), our designers begin working closely with out technical team to develop your site to ensure that it not only looks great, but works right too.

Web development

Web development

Once production begins, you will be provided with a link to VirusInc’s client extranet. By using an assigned “ID” and password, you will have access to working prototypes of your site to determine how well the site design translates on the Web.

Comments or suggestions for any changes can be made there and revisions can be quickly uploaded for viewing at your convenience. Our extranet provides the ultimate vehicle for client feedback and approvals throughout Sri Lanka and around the world.

Pre-launch Evaluation and Web Site Launch

Website launch

Once development and implementation is completed, you will have ample time to review your new web site and be sure it looks - and works - the way you had envisioned. Optionally, a VirusInc copyeditor can review your site’s content for proper grammar and spelling, or to offer professional feedback. When all edits and tweaks have been made and we have received your final approval, the site goes live and the completed project is handed over to you.

Web Site Marketing and Ongoing Client Support

search engine marketing

Upon launch, your web site is submitted to the major search engines. This will help those seeking the products or services you offer to find you. In addition, VirusInc will write a press release to help market your new web site in local online business directories and generate a higher return on your investment (ROI).

Once we’ve handed the site over to you, our relationship is just beginning. VirusInc offers several options for long term site maintenance and of course, we are always available for support, and welcome any feedback. We will always strive to accommodate your requests for system upgrades or the integration of new or emerging web development technologies.